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We offer of a variety of services in the area of trust administration and financial management.

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We also provide computerized accounting service for small to medium-sized companies.

Our services include:

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Management consultancy

We offer the following types of management consultancy on request:

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Testamentary dispositions

We accept mandates for testamentary execution.
We choose and develop the right personal solution for each client.

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Coaching in financing matters

The aim of our coaching in financing matters is to provide you with comprehensive help in presenting your company in the best possible light to your bank. Coaching in financing matters comprise management follow-up and consultancy by our company.

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We work with you and your partner banks to develop solutions for the financial and organizational needs of your company. Our aim is to change the financial situation, organization and management to safeguard the long-term survival and prosperity of the company.

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Tax consulting

We offer an advisory service for your personal and business taxes, and will represent you towards the respective authorities. We are able to offer you tax savings recognized from a fiscal and legal point of view taking into account your actual and legal domicile.

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Investment Consulting

In cooperation with banks we provide neutral investment consulting and portfolio management services. Our investment approach emphasizes long-term asset preservation rather than speculative, short-term gains. Our inhouse investment consulting computer system gives us the capability of intensively monitoring all holdings on a continuous basis. Our daily involvement with a broad range of business data and the conservative, but active transportation of this data into investment decisions, guarantee a professional investment policy.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide consulting services for company mergers and acquisitions under full consideration of all legal, taxation, financial, as well as your personal aspects. We conduct or assist in negotiations, undertake the necessary preliminary research, produce evaluations, appraisals, and take care of the necessary formalities. We will provide or recommend business partners, or may be able to find investment opportunities suitable as a company take-over or on a share purchase basis.

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Forming of new companies

We advise you of the various possibilities in optimizing your profitability and security. In consideration of the available options we will examine the most advantageous solution.